From community revitalization to historical preservation, Washington St. Partners has established a strong reputation for success.

We apply a winning formula to every project: historic and present-day site analysis, identification of key challenges and positioning the property appropriately for success.

The result is an impressive list of diverse properties that provide economic benefits to tenants and communities and enhance quality of life for neighborhood residents.


New Construction
In constructing a new Kinney Drug Store on the site of a former auto junkyard, Washington St. Partners sought to enhance this scenic town on Cayuga Lake and give its residents a suitable retail business through smart growth. We conducted considerable research to find the location and worked with local, regional and state municipalities to obtain all required permits and approvals. We remained sensitive to the residents' concerns and worked with their architects, engineers and the municipality to effectively accommodate Kinney's desires while designing a project that the community supported.

Great location

Newly constructed to client specifications

Property Info
2100 Trumansburg Road, Trumansburg, NY
14,000 sq ft