From community revitalization to historical preservation, Washington St. Partners has established a strong reputation for success.

We apply a winning formula to every project: historic and present-day site analysis, identification of key challenges and positioning the property appropriately for success.

The result is an impressive list of diverse properties that provide economic benefits to tenants and communities and enhance quality of life for neighborhood residents.

Partnership Projects

City Hall Commons
The renovation of the former SA&K building helped revitalize the commercial district of Syracuse and benefited the city both economically and aesthetically. Joe Hucko and his partners evaluated the potential uses for the derelict building and determined it could fill the city's dire need for office space. Local officials roundly supported the project; they were eager to preserve the historic building that, with its distinctive wedge shape and rounded point, was considered a predecessor to the Flatiron Building in New York City.

Dey's Centennial Plaza
The Dey's building is a prime example of partnership between private developers and government. With little demand for office and retail space in downtown Syracuse in the 1980s and 90s, the once-grand building sat vacant and neglected for years until Joe Hucko and his partners recognized an opportunity to lift up the commercial district and help a public utility manage its resources. A renovated building could give Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation a place to consolidate its customer service centers, revitalizing the surrounding area in the process. With a tenant locked in and tax credits available, restoration of the historic building began, and with it, revitalization of Syracuse's commercial district.

The Larned Building
The 100-year-old Larned Building in downtown Syracuse was a crumbling and badly deteriorated office complex and people were calling for the eyesore to be demolished. After some in-depth research of the surrounding area and market for commercial space, Joe Hucko and his partners learned that what the area needed was parking spaces. The Larned's facade was restored and renovated to reflect the revitalized historic downtown business district. The ground floor now houses 15,000 square feet of retail space. And, in implementing the annexation to the adjacent parking garage, the facade of that building was also upgraded to complement the Larned. As a result, a former eyesore was transformed into a functional and beautiful part of the downtown Syracuse business district.

Dubois Street
In order to clean up the area surrounding St. Luke's Hospital, the dilapidated Dubois Street area needed desperate attention. Many of the street's houses were falling into disrepair and becoming eyesores to the community, but a lot of capital would be needed to redevelop them. Joe Hucko and his partners worked with the city to secure more than $2.5 million to renovate 11 properties. Now Dubois Street is the jewel of the surrounding area, its multi-family houses restored to their original Victorian-era beauty and inspiring additional revitalization in the neighborhood around them.