From community revitalization to historical preservation, Washington St. Partners has established a strong reputation for success.

We apply a winning formula to every project: historic and present-day site analysis, identification of key challenges and positioning the property appropriately for success.

The result is an impressive list of diverse properties that provide economic benefits to tenants and communities and enhance quality of life for neighborhood residents.

The Susquehanna

Adaptive Re-use
Originally built as a train station in 1994, the Susquehanna was vacant and neglected when Washington St. Partners purchased it and converted it into much-needed office space in downtown Syracuse. The renovation transformed the train station’s large mezzanine into a second floor, further filling the need for more space and helping to revive the city’s business community. The 100-percent occupied Susquehanna is part of the award-winning Jefferson Clinton Commons projects in Armory Square, Syracuse’s entertainment and dining district.

Completely renovated interior

Built to client specifications

Property Info
269 W. Jefferson Street, Syracuse, NY
EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc.
8,000 sq ft