From community revitalization to historical preservation, Washington St. Partners has established a strong reputation for success.

We apply a winning formula to every project: historic and present-day site analysis, identification of key challenges and positioning the property appropriately for success.

The result is an impressive list of diverse properties that provide economic benefits to tenants and communities and enhance quality of life for neighborhood residents.

Jefferson Clinton Commons

New construction
Washington St. Partners was selected as the preferred developer in a competitive RFP process to transform a parking lot into the centerpiece of Armory Square, Syracuse’s entertainment and dining district. Using smart growth principals, we created a mixed-use building that leveraged existing neighborhood and community resources. Jefferson Clinton Commons brought residential ownership to a neighborhood of rental properties and created the only Class A office space in Armory Square. This 100-percent occupied energy-efficient building contributes significantly to the economic and cultural vitality of Armory Square. Its tenants enjoy cost savings from the building’s energy efficient lighting and HVAC systems, recycled rainwater feature and other environmentally conscious components. Business tenants benefit from the abundant foot traffic, and residents enjoy being able to live, work and play in one lively area.

Interior lobby

Sugarman Law Firm

Property Info
500 South Clinton Street, Syracuse, NY
Mower; Sugarman Law Firm; Spectra East; Costello Cooney & Fearon; CBG Building Company; EA Engineering
Office, Residential and Retail
Washington St. Partners was selected as the prefer