From community revitalization to historical preservation, Washington St. Partners has established a strong reputation for success.

We apply a winning formula to every project: historic and present-day site analysis, identification of key challenges and positioning the property appropriately for success.

The result is an impressive list of diverse properties that provide economic benefits to tenants and communities and enhance quality of life for neighborhood residents.

Firehouse #1

Adaptive Re-use
Firehouse No. 1 was a windowless, failing structure that sat vacant for 20 years before Washington St. Partners turned it into a successful, mixed-use property with three luxury condominiums and ground-floor retail/office space. Where others saw an eye sore, WSP saw the potential to create a highly desirable and unique property. This building's historic facade, high ceilings, and wide, open spaces made it the perfect candidate for loft-style retail and residential space. To generate the best return for the surrounding community and the occupants, we maintained the basic infrastructure but fully renovated the building to fit its new purpose: first floor office space and second and third floor condominium units. Today, Firehouse No. 1 is 100-percent occupied with residential and business owners.

Great architectural details

Unique living spaces

Property Info
106 Montgomery Street, Syracuse, NY
Office and Residential
10,000 sq ft